Global Resource Bank

The Global Resource Bank (GRB) Ecological, Economic Solution to Poverty and Pollution

GRB shareholders are a social, ecological, economic network of people who value natural air, water, soil, plants, light, climate, shelter, organisms and food in the commodity-backed cryptocurrency, Eco (e). GRBe money earns everyone a sufficient, sustainable and secure eco income for life. Shareholders direct a free-flowing algorithmic eco-economy without countries, fiat money, debt, hunger, war, climate change and environmental degradation.

The GRB Eco Algorithm
Everyone owns one share in GRB. We GRB shareholders value our life-sustaining natural resources at eight quadrillion (q) GRB ecos. The GRB changes US$ assets to GRBe. The GRB invests e2.5q in ecological restoration and e1q in the GRB network and provides everyone with e50 per day for 20 years. The GRB income account gains ecos from an ecosystem impact charge on the shareholder and commercial accounts and exchanges ecos with the GRB reserve to sustain ecological economic equilibrium. The people’s average impact sets our account charge and the impact of their goods and services sets commercial account charges. Two percent of the GRB eco income maintains the GRB network and 50 ecos per day supports everyone for life. Shareholders invest 5% of their GRB eco income in ecological restoration. The value of the earth’s life-sustaining natural resources and eco percentages adjust to the shareholders input. After one year of inactivity GRB eco accounts revert to the reserve. The majority chooses the GRB manager.

The GRB eco algorithm rules the equitable distribution of our copious natural resources. Investments in ecological restoration and the GRB network earns everyone a quality life.