Our Principles

Global Justice For All

1. Much wealth creation is now made possible through the inventions and innovations of people who passed on long ago. Without taking anything from anyone, this cultural inheritance makes it possible for each person to:

  • have warmth, clean air, clean water, food, and housing.
  • be respected, equal, free and able to choose their own destiny.
  • fulfill their full emotional, intellectual and spiritual potential.

Respect for the Earth

2. Every person must respect the rest of creation and take responsibility for preserving the environment including the fauna and flora, all of which are interdependent and share a divine origin with humanity.

Abundance and Freedom are Possible

3. Whatever is physically possible is financially possible. The inalienable rights of the individual include the rights of life, liberty, access to productive property, truly free markets and equal justice before the law.

Creativity at Work

4. There is a hierarchy of human work: The highest form of work is improving the social order to elevate each person in his or her freely chosen relationship to others and to a higher power, if desired. The lowest but most urgent form of work is for sheer personal survival.

Economic Democracy

5. It is the duty of democratic government to secure the results the people want from the transparent management of their public affairs, as far as such results do not infringe on the rights of the individual.