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What is Genuine Wealth?
By Mark Anielski

Mr. Anielski is a leading proponent and researcher for wealth measurement indicators which would supplement the GDP. In the article linked to above, there is mention of human captial. In keeping with our principles, we prefer to think of this as human development.

Rules for Social Justice
By William Ferree

The following mini-novel is a classic regarding changing systems to reflect social justice. The author refers to Catholic action, but later broadened the term to social action to embrace all people of faith and good faith.

The Binary Alternative and the Future of Capitalism
By Mark Douglas Reiners

Mr. Reiners background includes work in systems theory, biophysics and political economics.

Changing the Us vs. Them Mentality
By James H. Dayley

Mr. Dayley is a retired U.S. Air Force officer/engineer who now works as a business consultant and freelance author.

Understanding Islam: Perils and Prospects
Robert D. Crane, J.D.

Dr. Crane is Chairman of the newly formed Center for Understanding Islam, and Vice-Chairman of Crescent University. Since 1996 he has been President of the Center for Policy Research.