Third Way Graphics

Distribution of Corporate Ownership Today


Corporate Ownership under a Future Just Third Way


The Problem: Transforming the Corporation

From a conflict model of industrial relations (zero-sum game), to the synergy of a proprietary interest model (win/win game).

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The Objective: Justice Based Management

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Leader monopolizes power

Leader commands through fear

Ownership and control concentrated


Accountability upward only

Trickle-down incentives

Rewards disconnected from productivity

Waste of time, materials, and human potential

Short-term sense of income security

Target of political attacks

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Leader serves by teaching and empowering others

Leader guides through Justice
Every worker an owner

Management by shared values and customer satisfaction

Governance by checks, balances and two-way accountability

New labor deal: gain sharing, risk sharing, profit sharing

Efficiency maximized by Justice

Waste converted into production

Shared interest in long-term survival

Broadened political constituency

The Development Curve


This graph traces the growth of population through all recorded history, up to the year 2000 A.D. However, the same sort of curve - a near right angle slightly rounded at the corner - is of quite general application, and would be followed fairly closely by almost any significant factor of modern civilization.

The reason why one curve fits so many and such varied factors of modern life is that what it really measures is the passage of the human race from one kind of history to another: from subsistance to what is now called development. This passage and its implications constitute the single most important clue to an understanding of our civilization - and of all history before it.

If the political divisions of the world at this moment were distributed according to their degree of development, they would be strung out along the same curve, with the United States at the top of the curve, the western and westernized countries below it on the "vertical" leg, the more "advanced" Communist countries on the rounded corner, and most Communist and all "developing" countries along the bottom.