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    the Start

    What is also needed is an intellectually rigorous new economic paradigm. Our GJM focuses on a way forward that has a clear path to both economic democracy and peaceful change.
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  • Just 3rd Way

    In a letter to the editor published by the Washington Post, CESJ President Norman Kurland challenged the Post's assertion that "there is in fact no 'third way to prosperity' ". While dismissing the previous mainstream versions as a welfare-state amalgam of capitalism and socialism, Kurland posed the logical case for a real "third way":
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  • Quick

    Click on Read More to see a chart showing the differences between current capitalism, socialism and the Just Third Way. Every adult can have direct economic and political power.
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  • My Capital Homestead

    Through guaranteed access to no interest loans for the purchase of productive property, citizens would build up their non-labor income, with machines doing the work.
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  • Use the
    New Media

    The mainstream media is essentially a public relations vehicle for the 1%. In finance, it promotes a money system that guarantees endless debt servitude, or slavery, for most.
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  • The Venus Project
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People and Things

Please take a minute to read our statement and sign if you agree.+

At the U.S. Fed

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In a Nutshell

imageGet Involved in a Global Justice Movement that has a plan.+
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Help create a truly free print press

We have tried a prototype of a truly free press in a town of approximately 10,000 people. It mixes the taboo topic of how our money system really works with local news and more.

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world citizen

Become a World Citizen

Only a world federation can create the rule of law globally. There is no other way to end wars, ensure human rights and deal with certain other pressing issues, such as creating a sustainable economy.

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Beyond Poverty, Politics & War

The Venus Project is not affiliated with Our Global Justice Movement. Our GJM focuses on direct individual ownership of the means of production in recognition that decentralized power is required for sustainable freedom. TVP website shows what is already doable with today's technology.

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It IS Possible!


Please join us on our exciting journey to help usher in what futurist Alvin Toffler referred to as the first truly humane civilization in world history.

The earth has the productive resources to eliminate poverty and injustice. Humanity is now in the process of developing the democratic and transparent communications infrastructure that can make this happen.

Our Just 3rd Way transcends the traditional left-wing/right-wing designations given to political concepts. We see both conventional capitalism and socialism as being two arms of a philosophy which concentrate power in an elite, to the detriment of society as a whole. Reforming the current money system, to empower each and every person, is a key part of the just, third way we are working on. In essence, Our Global Justice Movement is an alternative view for a new international society, to replace the current, unsustainable dictatorial model now in ascendence. For a quick comparison, click here.

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Say goodbye to work drudgery, heavy taxation and environmental degradation. This sounds like a late night infomercial. Yet we have the technology to do this and more. So why the disconnect between what is doable and what is possible? Powerful actors and institutions are often blamed, but these reflect society in general. Suspect leaders and organizations fall away through the ages, yet the gaping separation between human potential and political reality remains.

The misdeeds by overt and covert rulers are part of a deeper, systemic problem. At root, humanity’s evolutionary path is the culprit. Like all life, it led through a jungle environment, where force and deception are the cardinal virtues. The brutish instincts required for survival in this milieu are still within us. Automatic reflexes, hormones and selfish genes are among the impulses that drive irrational behavior. In the words of a cartoon character, we have met the enemy and he is us. 

The good news is that people change all the time, and societies along with them. The development of civilizing structures nurture our better nature. The law of the jungle is slowly giving way to laws loosely based on justice. As a result, there is far less violence today than in times gone past. The most dangerous neighborhood would be considered a relatively safe space by our not so distant ancestors. The exception to this is during times of war.


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